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Pioneering Projects Since 1982, Exclusive Partnerships Today

Iman Company: Leading the Way in Contracting & Electric Materials

Established in 1982 in Iraq, Erbil, Iman Company Electrical Contracting and General Trading has been a leading name in the contracting and electric materials industry for over four decades. Since our inception, we have undertaken a wide array of projects spanning bridges, hospitals, streets, schools, and various other buildings, contributing significantly to the infrastructure development of Iraq.

In 2002, we transitioned into specializing in importing electric materials, marking a pivotal moment in our journey. Today, Iman Company proudly stands as the exclusive agent in Iraq for several esteemed Turkish companies renowned for their quality and reliability. These partnerships allow us to offer renowned brands such as "Hascelik Kablo" for electric aluminum wires and twisted cables, "HES Kablo" for LV cables and HV cables, and "IES Galvaniz" for electrical poles and lighting poles, ensuring our customers have access to top-tier products.

Ensuring Accessibility and Quality in Every Project

Nationwide Reach & Expertise

Our commitment extends beyond mere distribution – we diligently distribute these products to various provinces across Iraq, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our clients nationwide.

At Iman Company, we excel in executing contracting projects involving the extension of high-pressure and low-pressure electricity wires. Our expertise also encompasses the construction of towers and pillars necessary for these projects. We adhere strictly to national specifications and maintain high-quality standards throughout the process.

Fulfilling Project Needs with Speed and Precision, Building Iraq's Future Together

Efficient Inventory Management & Trusted Excellence

One of our key strengths lies in our efficient inventory management system. With ample quantities of materials stocked in our warehouses, we can swiftly fulfill project requirements within record timeframes, ensuring seamless project execution and customer satisfaction.

At Iman Company Electrical Contracting and General Trading, we are dedicated to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With our proven track record and commitment to quality, we continue to be a trusted partner in the development and progress of Iraq's infrastructure.

Explore top-tier electric contracting services, and partnership opportunities with us. Contact us today to collaborate and achieve your goals together.