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About IES Galvaniz

İES Galvaniz has started its activities at its new plant At Osmaniye in 2015 and is working at metal production and galvanize coating  for energy and steel industry at a total open space area of 35.000 m² where 20.000 m² is closed area.

İES Galvaniz is working on steel towers and poles for Energy Transmission and Distribution Lines, Lighting Poles, Photovoltaic (Solar Energy) carrier structure, Roadway Railing, Steel construction, Projector pole and so on.

The company mission is to reach global markets with high product quality and having maximum customer satisfaction.

İES Galvaniz fulfills its responsibilities within the scope of society and environment while carrying out its production operations. İES Galvaniz mission is to supply hight quality of products without polluting the nature and entrust it to the children.

İES Galvaniz Environment Policy is as below:

  • To prevent environmental contamination and to reduce pollution at its source.
  • To carry out environmental activities and production in accordance with environmental management system standard.
  • To provide environmental standards of customers and to operate in accordance with these rules and restrictions.
  • To prevent wasting of resources and to provide environmental awareness to all employees.

İES Galvaniz is working and aiming in order to become preferred and reliable trade mark supplying its high quality products to the global markets.

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IES Galvaniz

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IES Galvaniz


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